Igor Demba


Igor Demba is a wedding photographer based in (but not bound to) the UK, who has been photographing weddings around the world since 2014. His beautiful photographs have been featured by the likes of Rangefinder, Harper’s Bazaar, SLR Lounge, Brides, Huffington Post, and many others, but it’s his clients who are his top priority.

“I consider myself fortunate enough to travel to incredible places for weddings, yet at the end of the day it is the people that make it memorable. My style focuses on capturing the beauty and subtleties of peoples stories in a relaxed way in order to reflect the natural you on a pretty awesome day.”

Igor occupies this spot on our Featured Artists page not only because of his masterful skill at creating beautiful photographs but also because of his relentless passion for telling his clients’ stories through each and every one.